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Arisaig  |  Healing and wellness retreat

Knoydart building

Light, location and a sense of space are the keys to Knoyarts charm. With 10 glass doors on the north-facing wall, 8 windows in the East and West walls and two glass doors in the south wall. Knoydart is designed with light and a view of nature in mind. Surrounded by native trees and an elusive Koala Knoydart is a stunningly beautiful building in a gorgeous peaceful location perfect for yoga, sound healing, dance, weddings or any kind of training workshop where tranquillity and nature are required.

Part of the thinking behind Arisaig & Knoydart was "integration". When one ventures inwards, time is needed to integrate and enquire into the experience. The sound of cars, hustle-bustle and city life can make this integration process far more difficult. Time amongst nature is the perfect solution and Arisaig has over 100 acres of beautiful bush dotted with quiet corners for you and your clients to explore.

knoydart through trees

Knoydart layout

With a generous main area of 145m2 this allows guests to practice the appropriate social distancing required for indoor activities.

See our COVID page for more information

An expansive deck on both the North and South faces of the building allowing guests to taking in the tranquil natural surrounds.


Flexible lighting solutions are absolutely imperative for a space to perform to it's maximum potential. With that in mind, the lighting in Knoydart has been designed to be as flexible as possible. With every bulb in the building individually dimmable and assignable to a preset or group for future use.

knoydart through trees

Heating and Cooling

Knoydart has been designed with passive solar in mind. With under-floor, ceiling and wall insulation, 8 windows, two extra-large overhead fans, 12 double glazed doors and a beautiful Nectar MK1 wood burning stove you can rest assured come rain or shine you and your guests will be very comfortable.

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